The Brothers at the OG chapter of AKPsi exemplify our fraternity's core values through special projects planned by six individual committees:







Every year, each committee plans and executes at least five events to ensure we are not only constantly challenging ourselves to adapt to the dynamic markets, but also giving back to the community that has helped us grow.



At AKPsi, we pride ourselves on professional development, which is aided by two groups that branch from our fraternity:



Alpha Investment club was founded in 2008 when a group of brothers pooled their capital together creating a student managed investment fund as a way to help practice the fundamentals of investing. AIC took its current form in 2015 after changing its name from Omega Gamma Investments to better reflect the broadened scope of the fund. At its core, AIC remains a student managed investment fund that invests the capital of its members and alumni. Since rebranding, AIC has grown into a vehicle to help its members pursue their wider goals as they relate to finance and investing, including training, career development, investing experience, and networking. AIC is unique in that we use capital contributed by ourselves and alumni of the fraternity in our investing. This distinction gives real context to our leaning as well as allows members to profit from their growth and experience. Because of this, AIC is a great platform to advance your interest in investing and finance. AIC takes a goal-driven approach to development, meaning the club’s resources are available to help members tailor their experience to accomplish their individual aims. AIC accepts new members following completion of AKPsi’s Rush process.


AMG was established in 2014 when we realised that many of our members had a keen interest in marketing, sales and communication. We wanted to provide students with the opportunity to learn about marketing and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the field.

AMG runs weekly meeting where we discuss current events and how those events play in the greater context of brand names and marketing communication. We also discuss different marketing frameworks and explore how we can employe those frameworks in cases analyses and consulting.

Not only do we aim to develop professional skills within the scope of marketing, AMG also abides to the values of AKPsi. Outside of discussing marketing and industry trends, we emphasize brotherhood, integrity, and unity. We really drive home the importance of well roundedness and all our members embody that.

Join us to open up new opportunities, learn about marketing in a supportive environment, and make new friends.

Consulting / Case Workshops happening on a regular basis.